Tanzania’s newest hip hop sensation and Muziki hitmaker is wanted by the police for failing to perform at Sharks Great Club in Likoni Shelly Beach over the weekend.

The star, who was booked for the big concert on Saturday, failed to attend for reasons best known to himself.

The show’s MC Gates Mgenge said about 1,000 revellers attended the highly hyped event, which turned chaotic after it was revealed that Darassa was not going to perform.

The angry revellers have been refunded the money they had paid as entrance fees.

Darassa Event
Reveller’s at Darassa’s event. Photo/ Elkana Jacob. The Star
“I saved the image of the newly launched club. In fact, I personally engaged and ensured that everyone was refunded either in cash or drinks,” Mgenge said.

Club owner Mohamed Ahmed said he used over Sh200 million to construct the club, and he will not accept unscrupulous promoters to con him.