Popular Ohangla singer Tony Nyadundo beat up a female clinical officer at Migori Referral Hospital before he fled when police were contacted.

Nyandundo who was drunk at the time of the incident is said to have showed up at the hospital demanding for attention at the expense of a sickly child who was being attended to by Maureen Muramba – a clinical officer at Migori Referral Hospital.

Maureen Muramba

The Ohlangla singer started assaulting Maureen in the casualty where she had been attending to a patient before following her outside when she fled from the room.

The singer continued causing chaos at the hospital demanding to be treated immediately, the drama only ended when the hospital administrator called the police.

Muramba told the Star that Tony jumped over the perimeter wall when he heard that hospital officials had alerted the police over his disturbance.

The Star reports that Tony denied the Wednesday September 13th incident saying that he wasn’t in Migori at the time.