Nigerian mega star Tiwa Savage and her hubby Tee Billz had a very public break up.

Tiwa accused Tee Billz of cheating and stealing from her.

“It is not my fault that he has been struggling financially. But he messed up, he started stealing from me. I wanted to save my marriage and I had to separate business from family. He wants to live a life that is not true. He went to buy a Mercedes that he didn’t have the money for. He paid for it in part and I ended up paying the balance because the owner of the car was calling.”

Tiwa Savage

She added, “I didn’t want people to look down on my man. I wanted people to feel that my husband is taking care of me. I put the money in his account so that people would think he paid for things but he went and bought a Rolex watch and he still didn’t pay for the car. People were always threatening me because of his debts. I would always find a way to find money to pay up the debts, he was clubbing and spending money on drinks and he would leave the tab and they will call me and I will pay.”

Tiwa said she realised her marriage was over when she lost her pregnancy and her husband didn’t care about her health.