Prezzo has been in the news of late. If he is not getting his head bashed in by his girlfriend he is crashing luxury cars. Now, it seems like he has had an attack of conscience and he is trying to right his past wrongs.

Prezzo was the talk of town when his ex-wife, Daisy Jematia Kiplagat outed him as a deadbeat. This is what she posted

prezzo dedbeat

Daisy has since moved on and is engaged to someone else.

It seems today, Prezzo felt the need to atone for his sins and take responsibility. In a social media post Prezzo acknowledges that he “let them down” and he would like to change that by telling the world how much he loves them.

The Rapcellency wrote,

“Love u both to death. Its Wednesday right…. so i am going all in with the ones i let down but have unconditional love 4. #WCW #TheMakiniTeam.”