Gorgeous KTN news anchor Betty Kyallo hosted self-procalimed king of crap, Prezzo on her weekly show, Friday Briefing, but things didn’t go as planned.

Prezzo acted a bit weird by being all touchy to Betty Kyallo, who’s married to investigative journalist, Dennis Okari and he was all over the place and could not calm down and stay put during the interview.

At some point, he even gave Betty Kyallo a surprise hug and from the look of it, she was taken aback as she didn’t expect it at all. During the interview which Kyallo described as the ‘the most difficult interview she had ever conducted’.

After the not so good interview was over, the beautiful presenter even shared on her Twitter that she just had one of the most difficult presenters in studio with this update:

‘Mentally Exhausted’

Well, it also happens that the news had reached her husband Dennis Okari, who was not amused at all. He took to his Twitter to console and defend the love of his life and criticised the rapper of his unbecoming behaviour on live TV.

Dennis Okari

Betty Kyallo also informed her fans that Jackson Makini’s mother was also disappointed with his behaviour on TV and gave her apologies to the news anchor and the entire KTN news team.


Well, incase you missed out on all this drama, check out the awkward interview on KTN’s Friday Briefing below.