prezzo-collage-700x420 I will never understand why people would lock themselves into a situation like this but I am happy for those who seem to have found their happiness in being with and sharing the rest of their lives with a significant other…michelle-yola-12323

Prezzo has walked down the aisle once before and it would seem that he is set to do so again… That is, if his socialite lass, Michelle Yola is to be believed. She has been dropping some rather serious hints of late, starting with a hint at pregnancy…michelle-yola-1

And now she is hinting at a wedding. I am happy for them. It is a good thing to find someone you want to spend the rest of your days with and an even more beautiful thing to find someone with whom you share a common mental malady… Nothing unites people more than common insanity.

Anyway, this is what she posted:


Then the photo was accompanied with this statement:

michelleyolaNa nikasema popote ulipooooo mi nakuwaza mamii!!!
The fuckin Reunion next Monday 😊☺😊☺Am not playing with this girls yooh..I had something for every last one of them raggedy ass!Imma hit back AGAIN like a Tsunami

#Put some Respeck on my name

Truly, nothing as beautiful as being with someone who shares your insanity.

Meanwhile Is Vanessa Chettle also Dating Prezzo, Getting Into Politics And Doing Weed?

Is it true that Vanessa Chettle dated Prezzo? Well, according to her, they are just good buddies who’ve been misunderstood and they don’t give a sh!t about the rumors.

After Denying Rumors That They’re Lovers, CMB Prezzo And Vanessa Chettle Caught Getting CozyPrezzo_Vanessa_Chettle

During an exclusive interview with Vanessa, she opened up about her relationship with the Kenyan rapper, her ambitions of joining politics and why she’s not going to stop smoking weed anytime soon.