Jackson Makini aka Prezzo is one person full of drama and so is his life in general. He was in so much desire to release his new music as the election took too long to come to an end.

He lamented how he has been yarning to release his two hits he had done for this year. Though his music career has been overshadowed by his side shows and drama. He is giving his music fans something he has been preparing since year began.

But who thoght he would honor his best friend Fidel Odinga? It was not expected. As you look at him you wouldn’t think he wouldn’t even think of it, maybe a soft heart


I believe to write a song for someone alive or dead takes deep reflections and brings out the feelings in your heart. Who thought prezzo was that kind of a person?

So self proclaimed king of hip hope in kenya shows how tight they were with the late Raila Odingas’ son.