Rapper Prezzo is a man who loves beautiful women. From back in the day we have seen him get involved in lovely celebrity women and he is not about to stop even after he was dumped by his ex Michelle Yola who is now pregnant for her Caucasian boyfriend.

And since Prezzo is a single man we have rumors of him being involved with Kenyan bad girl Noti Flow and after getting a hold of a screen of their conversation…many assumed that Prezzo lovey dovey message to the lass was a clear indication that he was interested in her – but this is not the case!

Well, the rapper who is in Tanzania at the mean time has hinted that even though the lady friend-zoned him… he is still looking for ways on how he can wife video vixen Amber Lulu. Speaking during an interview at one popular Tanzanian radio station the fella said…

“Amber Lulu is a very good friend of mine, tumejuana muda mrefu, watu wengi hawamjui Amber Lulu ana roho nzuri, ana rho ya huruma na ni mtu ambaye anayewajali watu wengine na ndio maana mimi na yeye ni mabest”

When asked if he would like to be more than friends with the lady, Prezzo did not beat around the bush as he responded to say:

“Ni kitu ambacho kinawezakana kwa sababu gani…yeye ni mwanamke, mimi ni mwananume. Ni mrembo kwa nje na ndani, ana roho safi na mimi si deal na watu wenye roho ya kutu kabisa”