Kenya’s bad boy Prezzo is not a man who shies away from drama and for some reason, he tries to own up to his mistakes – at least once in a while – but at times, he has no apologies at all!

The celebrated rapper and former Big Brother contestant, real name, Jackson Makini, has recently been in the limelight for his dramatic on and off relationship with his ex-fiance, Michelle Yola.

The former love birds are also part of the cast for Kenya’s biggest reality TV show, Nairobi Diaries, where they have been showcasing their romantic relationship plus all the drama that comes with it.

Prezzo proposed to Michelle Yola back in May 2016, something that marked a big milestone for the lovebirds, but sadly, the year would end on a bad note after the model broke up with him after claims of cheating and disrespect.

In December, Prezzo and Yola confirmed that they had broken up, but for some reason, they still send birthday wishes during their respective birthdays.

But it looked like the relationship was not really over after they accompanied each other to Nairobi Diaries reunion about a week ago, and during the show, they tried to reconcile but love was not enough to save their relationship.

At some point, they even hurled insults at each other and later on, Prezzo was reportedly taken to Nairobi Hospital after Yola physically beat him up.

Now, the two former lovers are taking to social media to take shots at each other. Their latest online spat was about Ms. Yola dissing the size of Prezzo’s ‘member’, saying that it was small.

And of course, Prezzo replied to the claims by putting a throwback photo with this caption;

oh yeah, it was so ‘small’ that she had my name “Ngechu” tatted on her… it really must be small 😷🔫 #Rapcellency #TrulyUnruly

Now, we talked to Prezzo regarding Michelle Yola’s comment about his ‘drillbit’ being less than adequate in terms of size. He, not surprisingly, didn’t have kind words to say about her.

Listen to the exclusive audio below as our reporter gets Prezzo to open up about the allegations from his stunning ex below;