There has always been bad blood between Michelle Yola and Stacey Pendo. The two socialites do not see eye to eye. Ever since the decorated Nairobi Diaries show premièred, Pendo and Michelle have been at its best spreading hatred as they are always insulting each other unprintable words.

Michelle, who is in love with Pezzo and soon will be walking down the aisle, has been among Pendo’s targets on the show. Could it be that she wants to fight Michelle and force her to leave just like she did to bootylicious queen Vera Sidika or Noti Flow? Well, only Pendo herself knows the answer.


Recently, during the show, Pendo claimed that Michelle looks rugged without make-up and wigs but this didn’t go well with Prezzo’s wife to be who attacked the controversial socialite mercilessly. And this time she did not mince her words.“Just watching this????????????being born n partly raised in Eldoret got me feeling like a kalenjin???????? mixed with a lot of alcohol????????first things first I stopped beefing with people long time ago..I’m all about minding my business..I hate that am even addressing you on my ig AGAIN.

Sasa wewe Pendo you SERIOUSLY have the audacity to talk about my naked face given that you have a pig sty looking ass face WITH OR WITHOUT makeup?!???????? infact you don’t have to talk about anyone’s look please✋????You don’t have that right????????We drove to naivasha @midnight to come show your wack ass song support cz I was trying to be nice but huna shukrani punda wewe.


Number 2: I did you a favour cz I didn’t want to steal your non existing attention that night but still I got your attention with my naked face Looks like your horse looking ass face woke up on the wrong side of the stable
No offense taken darling hata thanks btw ju I would have regretted getting all dressed up cz you always have something negative to say regardless

SPOILER ALERT:Leave alone me going there without wearing makeup,I didn’t even wear a wig Its even I coincidence with the way i was dancing ungenipea job ya kuwa your backup dancer that night cz i was dressed like them I think and your wack ass song needs&deserves some stupid moves like mine and you would have to pay in ADVANCE bitch! So in general what am trying to say is!! I look better than the both of you combined ALL DAY,EVERYDAY!Eti ju umejua kupaka tumake up juzi na kuweka tunywele you think you can compare my dear I started slaying before you knew how to wash your pussy.ANDD it was naivasha anyway not a chris browns concertI would have been ratchet and wild as much as I wanted to(out of town manenos)So please usinilete ushenzi madam am trying to live a positive life but kama unataka drama leta basi na hizo masks zako kwa uso.


Alafu haloween mbona ulikua unacheka cheka na mimi like you haven’t sed such words?ama you were triple fake and had one of your many fake faces as a costume wewe na huyo mwenzako ?
Woi am done(had to write all this because I didn’t shoot my confessions to put things straight) Gooday Team Love! #Mi ujinga ndio sipendi.”