Zari Hassan takes it ten notches down when she shared a personal moment with her son to the world. Most people would not have expected this from her as she posted Nillan’s first video online.

Everything Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and her Tanzanian bongo star husband, Diamond Platinumz, do is strategic to benefit them in some way.

Keeping their children’s faces hidden at birth to unveil them in partnership with some company, advertise brands for companies and so forth.

The latest one was their son’s, Nillan, unveiling at 40 days when they partnered with a retail company to have the entire ‘Platinumz’ family do shoots using all their products, including clothes, shoes and other products..

So it comes as a breath of fresh air, albeit unnecessary in my opinion if you ask me, that mama Zari shared videos of her on night shift with the baby who wouldn’t fall asleep in the middle of the night.

And it is totally refreshing that she is hands on with her children because most divas would have passed them on to nannies while they got their beauty sleep.

Zari Hassan continues to prove that she is the ultimate woman; a lady, a wife, a mum and a business lady to boot.

She is everything some Kenyan socialites try to be and fail terribly at it- and if Zari is the Tanzanian/Ugandan/ South African socialite version, then mad props to her for putting her family first and being an inspiration to many.

Some women ought to take a chapter -or three- out of her book instead of pretending to be the ‘African sauce’ when all they live for is social media fandom.