Diamond Platnumz has been a celebrated artist in East Africa and internationally. All eyes have been on him especially by youths who have an upcoming talent in music. He has been like a role model to young talents in East and Africa at large.

Though hit with many scandals he has continued to focus on his music career and building his empire. The singer having been raised by a single parent, recently went back to his home town to give back to his people by building a community hospital which will be cheaper and affordable.

He also mentioned that he has sponsored mosques as a token of his appreciation to God. He has tried as much as possible to do several things to touch the lives of the people he has interacted with.

The other day he launched his Chibu Perfume, this shows how focused he is in building his empire. We are all happy for him.

Having blessed with two children with his wife Zari, a daughter Princess Tiffah Dangote and son prince Nillan. Diamond has been up the game in all what he does he puts his energy and ability to whatever he does to make it prosper.

He confessed that he has desired his children to be like him, celebrities. And for sure God heard his prayer and that his daughter is rolling in monies.

This is what he had to say about it according to Mpasho,

‘Ni the way unavyompresent…Nimeweza kubrand watoto wangu namna wawe maceleb, na Mwenyezi Mungu akanijalia wakawa hivyo…”