The talented and gifted local artists Ben Pol and Darassa checked in on Breakfast with the Stars with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on The Morning Kiss representing 255. The two local gifted artistes released a song called Muziki late last year, that instantly became a hit.

Wacha Maneno Weka Muziki: Tanzania’s Finest Darassa And Ben Pol Represent 255 On Kiss FM

The song immediately climbed up the charts making Kenyans fall in love with it including the Former prime minister Raila Odinga.

Darassa and Ben Pol

When asked how they felt about being in Kenya, Darassa whose first time it is visiting Nairobi answered, “Kenya is one of the best places to be, It definitely has something big going on. It feels great that there are so many people who love and support my music.”

The artist was humbled by how big a hit his song with Ben Pol was and said much as he expected it to be a hit, he is still grateful for the love and support he got from his fans.

While in the studio, lots of fans mostly the ladies twitted inquiring if he’s gonna be performing in Nairobi. The answer to that ladies..”We will be making an appearance at B-Club for a meet and greet tonight. We shall also be performing on Sunday at the VIP pool party,” Darassa addressed. So there you have it.. for those that wish to meet and take pictures with the two artistes, you can always go for the meet and greet or attend the pool party where they will be performing.