In his 2014 hot track My Gal, CMB Prezzo, the one time self-proclaimed king of bling bling comes out as romantic, singing praises to his girl in a catchy video that featured socialite Vera Sidika.

The two acted the video by the pool and it is widely believed that this is where his beef with Huddah, Vera’s socialite arch-rival started. That was then.

You see, there are amicable break-ups, there are acrimonious break-ups, and then there is breaking up with Prezzo.

After his latest catch Yola Michelle left him three months ago for another guy, again, the former CMB rapper finally seems to have moved on…Or rather, removed ‘Yola’ from his heart – and hand.

Abraham, a tattoo artiste (who operates in Yaya Centre) tells Pulse that he was at an apartment on Dennis Pritt road this past weekend.

“Prezzo had summoned me there to chuck (remove) the name ‘YOLA’ from his hand – a love tattoo he had put their in honour of his ex-girlfriend, Yola,” the tattoo artiste told Pulse.