She has been a subject of ridicule, the topic of discussion across different social media platforms, called all sorts of names; whore, gold-digger, desperate but this has not deterred from shielding her children.

Well, Zari Hassan is now the new millionaire in town.

I will not forget you.. I have written your name on the palms of my hands; Isaiah 49:15-16

In short, those who looked down upon her will look at her with envy.

Zari’s ex-husband Ivan Semwanga died last month leaving her with three sons namely; Pinto, Raphael and Quincy.

During the funeral, many spread rumours about Zari claiming that she was a gold-digger and even Ivan’s relatives went ahead to say that  Zari shouldn’t be given even a dime of the late Semwanga’s wealth.

But after Semwanga’s burial, the family held a meeting and agreed that Zari should take care of the deceased’s property in South Africa.

Zari was also named as the highest beneficiary of Semwanga’s wealth and according to sources, she was given 50%, her sons 30%, Ivan’s family 10% and King Lawrence (his best friend) 10% as well.

Some of the wealth attributed to Ivan include two palatial mansions in Pretoria and one in Munyonyo, Uganda, Real estate properties both at home and abroad, Brooklyne Colleges across South Africa and a 5-star hotel which is under construction in Kampala.

Zari and her three sons will take over Ivan’s house in Sandton, while the other one in Pretoria will be rented out to provide money for family upkeep.