Popular Radio Jambo presenter Daniel Mwangi, alias Mbusii, has been hospitalised at the Nairobi Mater Hospital after developing stomach pains.

“The doctor claims I was suffering from food poisoning, which resulted in gastritis. I am feeling better now, as compared to how I was on Sunday afternoon. I started experiencing abdominal strains, started vomiting and diarrheaing,” Mbusii told Word Is yesterday from his hospital bed.

“The problem developed on Sunday morning on my way home. I had a busy Saturday with my friend Liondeh, where we travelled to Nakuru then to Wote. Along the way we ate some matumbo before adding some chicken soup later on. I suspect that’s where I developed the problem,” he added.

He was taken to the hospital by his wife on Sunday at 5pm, after the condition worsened. The doctor said his liver and pancreas are okay and will give Mbusii directions tomorrow on when he’ll be well enough to be released.


The news of his illness rocked the presenter’s wide fanbase after his co-host Liondeh broke the disheartening news on the duo’s social media page on Monday morning.