Apart from death, is there anything more hurting than a heartbreak? We have all seen people make fatal decisions following nasty break-ups with their significant other. Many have committed suicide as a result of this.


Well, popular Milele FM presenter Anita Raey has warned his “husband” that if he messes her up, he will have to face the worst revenge ever!

 Anita, a former breakfast co-host at Ghetto Radio, ranted about about her heart being broken by multiple men, but took time to angrily caution her future hubby from taking her for a ride.

In an angry rant posted on her social media pages, she said that, after giving her heart away to so many men and having it “broken” it, she is ready to love again but she won’t let the lucky bugger to drag her through hell!

“I know every man who wants to date me is on Facebook.. So I will use this platform to deliver this message…. I have let a few of you men break my heart.. Am angry coz I never learn and will still love another of your species… But I swear if one more man breaks my heart… I will put him through the same shiet… I will f*ck you up so bad you will wish death.. With that said I will bang all men in your family if you f*ck with me… This is coming from a very angry and hurt place… Now Y’all have a lovely night.. PS.. am really a nice person.. Might be hard to believe but I am..,” she wrote.

In one of her comments Anita said:

“If one more just f*cks me over again.. Am going bonkus on him.. Am done being nice.. My heart is not a football pitch.”