Of all his past epically failed relationships, we can say that many thought Ali Kiba and Jokate Mwegelo, a beauty queen would last.

Well, a popular radio presenter identified by the name Diva who was rumoured to have been dating the Chekecha Cheketua hitmaker might be the reason behind Ali and Jokate’s break up.

Jokate is the video vixen in Bahati’s song Maria, one that took the headlines by storm. Back to our story!

Diva who hosts a show at Clouds FM, described Jokate as a fake lass and she went on to say that the beauty queen was full of jealousy after seeing her (Diva) and Ali Kiba.

She told Dizzim:

“Alinibo yaani i was like she is so fake, this b”tch is so F*cking Fake. Nilimwelewa. Ni mapenzi.”

She continued to say:

“Lakini Ali amepoteza a very good thing. She was there to support him….Someone is not your husband and you are there to support him like that and then you hear they’ve broken up.”

Ali Kiba had tried to keep his relationship with the business woman away from the public but just like any other celebrity couple, they had a rather nasty public break up.

Jokate is one of the influencers in Tanzania with millions of followers on social media.She was recently named in the Forbes Top 30 Under 30 list.