Rapper Jaguar seems to be many women’s eye candy or he is just seen as good husband material. The Kigeugeu has a plush goverment post that makes many woman want to turn him into a hubby ASAP. Jaguar found this out when he had a late night Facebook Live session with his fans on Sunday, October 23.


One fan asked, “Hi When they say you are not married and you have kids. How? Love this dude keep the spirit moving.”Chicas thronged his page and they were all asking if Jaguar is single, kama amepata jiko and if he is searching.

Kinyua Murangiri added, “Jaguar promised us he has got a perfect lady to marry buh its taking too long Jaguar.”

Grace Gathara asked, “Wow have watch it, Jaguar uko top top,,lakini Hapo penye uko na tutoi lakini hujaoa umetuenyoy, twambie mama watoi ni nani?”

Jack Thigo added, “But why are you do you keep your love life sooo private men????”

Beside these comments, several willing damsels offered themselves up to Jaguar saying, he can date them for marriage kama hajapata mtu.jaguar-rolls-royce

Jaguar took all those comments, suggestions and querries in his stride.

“Bado sijapata mtu,” Jaguar responded.