After Madonna was in the country three days ago, she made astonishing comments on her social media that left many in stitches and shock in equal measure. More so her two comments that left Kenyans wondering.

One post read, ‘’With the Samburu tribe in the Kikuyu valley! … Kenya!’’ Viral comments about the statement left many asking where Kikuyu valley is situated and what the Samburu people would be doing there. The statement roused laughter and mockery from different people.

As it turns out, the singer did not ere. It is an actual place called Soita Olkokoyo which translates to Kikuyu valley of stones. Many arrogant Kenyans will be forced to take back there statements.ovovzcpirwnsb7tu5780a5cbde0d6 Who’s laughing now!

But it is the post about Kibera that left many aghast.

‘’Imagine this is where your water comes from! @hope2shine is working to change this in Kibera, Africa’s largest slum.’’ She posted alongside a photo of a polluted stream that looked like a sewer.

Not taking it sitting down, rapper Octopizzo who grew up in the informal settlement took to his Instagram to offer his two cents.

‘’So Apparently when I was away @Madonna came to Kibera and said we drink water from Mtaro, let me school you for a minute, it’s ok if you wanna fundraise and all that shit, intelligence arouses fear and respect, the lack of it keeps one on the narrow minded road of disrespect, stupidity and inferiority complex.
But next time do your research before you disrespect a whole community like that, am not a good writer but I wish I was there to tell you on your face.
#Chocolatecity is home of talent, Hard working Women & Men, Beautiful amazing kids… You didn’t see all that? One who enjoys finding errors will then start creating errors.
And to my Kibera people don’t you ever! Devalue yourself, you are the world’s most precious stone.’’