First of all, Congratulations Octopizzo!

He is all the way up there, representing Kenya in the world arena.

Wondering what I’m talking about? I’m talking about the Oscars.

Yes, it is confirmed that Octopizzo has been nominated for the biggest award ever.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss FM, the Ivo Ivo Ivo hit maker has revealed that he has been doing social work for the needy in this nation which has enabled him scoop the nomination in this year’s Oscar Activism Awards.

octopizzoOctopizzo who was featured in CNN as one artist who rapped his way to success – from the slums to the mansions is also recognized for his Ambassadorial roles in UN with the campaign to stop Violence Against Women and Girls Through Football.


The Namba Nane rapper is at it again. Even though many did not know about his charity work around the nation, Octo says he is exited that International communities are recognizing Africans that do good for other Africans from the heart.

He has been nominated in a collaboration track that was shot with a number of other artistes and was used in a charity project. Octo has however revealed that since the nomination, he has received two job offers which he is gladly going for and will be missing in action from the music scene at some point in the year.


Let’s wish Octopizzo all the best and support his work and hope he will bring the award home.

Here is the exclusive interview with the rapper;