Ray C has been through hell and back after she started using drugs over seven years ago. Her music career drastically went down the drain leaving many disappointed.

Her constant drug abuse was getting out of hand and her health was slowly deteriorating. A while back she was even arrested on the side of the road very high and not in her right state of mind.

But former Tanzania president Jakaya Kikwete intervened and lend her a helping hand by taking her to rehab.


To date not much is known of the drugs she was addicted to, but all in all she has redeemed herself and is slowly coming back to the Ray C we all knew.

And with that, she has promised never to harm herself as she did.

Nimeanza kumpenda huyu Ray C sitaki kumdhuru tena kwa sumu wala bunduki nataka azidi kunivutia kila nimuonapo kiioni,” she wrote.

Ray C Making A Grand Come Back

From grass to grace! Bongo Singer Ray C was one lass almost all girls wanted to emulate back in the day. Well, her eventual downfall and journey to a music hiatus happened right before our eyes, after she was introduced to hard drugs by her then boyfriend.

The Mama Ntilie hit maker, was once referred to as the Queen of Bongo after catching the radio airwaves by storm. The then slim noticeably dark skin lass, was after a long period of fame faced with drug addiction which saw her get into a South African-based rehabilitation centre after intervention by former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete.

Rehema Chamila (Ray C) had attempted to commit suicide before being rescued by police and taken into custody. Life became even harder for this Wanitafuta Nini song bird after nude photos of her went viral, with claims that she had started doing phonographic movies.


After rehab, Ray C was then criticized for adding more weight with fans saying that she no longer looked flawless like before. It seems that Ray has been working well on her comeback after she was seen in her slim and trim body back again.

That is all in the past and there’s good news fellas! Ray C is gearing up for a massive comeback after a series of interventions from family and fans, urging her to kick the habit and return to the music scene. This is definitely one prayer that has been well answered.

Well, Ray C is set to release a cover to a song dubbed Upepo which was originally done by a Tanzanian artist called Recho.