– A video clip showing famous Tanzanian star Ray C in a police van shouting unclear words has been doing rounds on social networks

– Many have commented how despairing it is to see a once reformed individual seem to have lost the way yet again

A heartbreaking video of Tanzanian songstress Ray C allegedly trying to commit suicide has surfaced.

The clip shows Ray C, real name Rehema Chalamila, being escorted in a police van while claiming that she was being kidnapped, and blubbering other unclear words.

According to Tanzanian news outlet Bongo5, the singer was on the night of Thursday June 16, 2016 yelling in the streets of Kinondoni Manyanya in Dar Es Salaam, and asking to be given a knife to stab herself, when police came to her rescue.

Rumoured to have slipped back to drug abuse, it is believed that the Moto Moto singer was high at the time she started causing fracas.

A film artiste identified as Esha Buheti claimed to have witnessed the whole ordeal, sharingon Instagram an account of the events that evening:

“Nashindwa hata niongee nini jamani. Ray C leo Kinondoni umenitoa machozi, jamani tufanye kitu tumsaidie Ray C. I mean it jamani siku zote nilikua najua anaonewa ila nilichokishuhudia leo nimeumiaa kutoka moyoni. Amedhalilika mwanamke mwenzetu, jamani tufanyeje? Nilikuwa na Kabula Kinondoni kwa wapemba tumefata chips mara tukaskia mtu anasema ‘Me Ray C nataka kuvua nguo’, nikajua utani. Kushuka, ni Ray C anasema ‘Nishikeni kuna watu wanataka kuniteka!’ Alikua na nguvu sana, watu kamshika akaanza kuongea vitu havieleweki, akaanza kutafuta kisu ajichome. Watu walimzuia sana walishindwa, akaanza kugaragara kwenye matope akipiga kelele. Kiukweli nilijikuta nalia, mara ikaja gari ya polisi ikambeba ila kwa taabu sana. Alikua akipiga kelele: ‘Jamani nisaidieni msiniache!’. Kiukweli mpaka Ray C anaondoka na ile gari ya polisi sikujua anapelekwa wapi, alikua kama mtu alopata kichaa. YARRAB TUNAMSAIDIAJE RAY C?”

Loosely translated, Buheti said that he watched in disbelief as Ray C yelled saying that she wanted to strip naked, that some people wanted to kidnap her, and asked for a knife to stab herself.

Well-wishers apparently tried to hold her, but she broke free and rolled on mud, until police came and took her away after a lot of struggle.

See the video clip:

Back in 2012, Ray C admitted to being knee-deep in drug addiction when photos of her in a shocking drunken and emaciated state appeared in the media.

That turned out to be her deliverance, as well wishers including the then Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete, came to her rescue and saw her admitted to rehab.

The Bongo Flava star recovered and even put on a lot of weight that she went on to shed after what she said was change of diet and working out.

She also launched a charity to rescue youth trapped in drug addiction.

Media reports in Tanzania however recently claimed Ray C had fallen back to drug abuse.

The singer came out to dispute the claims and even threatened to sue the media outlet that published the story.

A number of bongo artistes have been victims of drug addiction, some succumbing to the disorder.