WCB’s youngest signee Rayvanny, made headlines the better part of the beginning of 2017 when he was linked to a Kenyan socialite and reality star Mishi Dorah.

Mishi had stated in an interview with Mpasho that she had slept with the mega star when she went to Tanzania, even claiming that Rayvanny gave her a ring.

rayvanny an baby mama

As all this took place, it should be noted that Rayvanny had a girlfriend, Fahyma, back home who was pregnant for him. She’s lovely and pretty. I wonder how she coped with all the shenanigans that evolved around her baby daddy.

Well, even with all the drama, the two were finally blessed with a baby boy, Jaydan Vanny. Rayvanny broke the news on his social media writing, “Hongera fahyma Umekua Mama sasa Acha utoto ???????????? NAKUPENDA!!”


After the baby was born, Rayvanny and his baby mama didn’t show his face to the public, but finally they have finally unveiled his face and I must say he’s a cutie pie.

Rayvanny took to social media to post a photo of the youngster with the caption, “Mungu Akukukuze Mwanangu, Katika Mema na Mafanikio Katika Maisha Yako.Wewe Nifuraha Yangu Na pia Wewe Ndio sababu Ya Mimi kumwaga Jasho Nakufanya Kazi kwa Bidii Kila Siku. Ni bora Nikose Vyote Lakini Sio Wewe Mwanangu. I LOVE YOU SON.”

rayvanny son

Jaydan also has his own instagram account that has over fifty thousand followers. He’s going to be a superstar even before he learns how to pronounce his name.