Back in the day pop group Sema made of Sanaipei Tande, Pam Waithaka and Kevin ruled the airwaves with their hit songs. Though the group cannot be categorized among the Kenyan music pioneers, we can all agree that they did something good for the industry.

Anyway, the group fell apart a few years ago forcing each of the member to find something new to do. Sanaipei Tande ended up working on Radio as a presenter while Kevin disappeared into thin air.

 Pam Waithaka is however said to be drowning in liquor. About 2 months ago she was said to be receiving treatment at The Serenity Place Rehabilitation Centre, in Kahawa Sukari.

Pam’s alcohol addiction

The former singer is now out and is back to her old ways. She is now loitering around liquor stores in her estate and her health is also hitting rock bottom.

She is now hanging around pubs and wine &spirits stores hoping to get free drink from other people.

Photos of the new Pam.

Pam from Sema back to drinking: (Photo Mpasho)

Pam: (Photo Mpasho)