By now you probably know the big names that came as a shock in the list of those fired at Royal Media Services. What is not in the public domain, however, is why the likes of Terryanne Chebet, Kirigo Ng’arua and Abdi Osman were sent home despite being ‘assets’ in the media company.

Reliable inside sources have revealed to the possible reasons that could have informed the decision to retrench the three and two other big fish.

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1. Terryanne Chebet – Business news anchor and reporter

Terryanne was probably the biggest name RMS had to let go and word has it that she was sent home due to the high salary she earned. The media house is said to have embarked on a cost-cutting process that had to see the news anchor gone since money spent on her could even pay more than five people.

According to one of our sources, Terryanne did not do a lot of reporting which could have cost her the lucrative job.


Kirigo Ng’arua

2. Kirigo Ng’arua – News Anchor and morning show host

It also came as a shock that Kirigo Ng’arua would no longer be working at Citizen TV. Sources indicate that she was equally earning a colossal amount owing to her long stay at Kenya’s biggest television station in terms of market share. Some quarters say that her ratings were not as good as those of Willis Raburu with whom she was hosting Power Breakfast.

3. Abdi Osman – Editor

Those who know him will tell you that he was among the most professional editors at Citizen TV. It is said that the eloquent man who is very good at ad libbing during the few times he reported live, could have been a victim of witch-hunt. Tuko has learnt that he never took any ‘brown envelopes’ even when colleagues were allegedly compromised.

4. Mercy Oburu – Digital content manager

She is not well-known but Mercy Oburu was the boss in the new media department. Such a position and her long stay at the media company attracted a high salary. A source claimed that she was let go to allow a new boss who would would take home less money.


Shisia Wasilwa

5. Shisia Wasilwa – Producer

Shisia was a Nipashe producer, a man excellent at his job. It is said that the producer had stayed at the company for quite a while and was earning a considerable high salary. He was allegedly axed to pave way for new producers who would not be paid as much money.

The five are among 100 employees sent home in the restructuring process and have already gone on a paid compulsory leave until the end of the year when they will formally cease to be RMS employees.

Their send-off packages are said to be highly classified.