A Kenyan singer accused of sleeping with his video vixens has spoken out on the allegations leveled against him

A fast rising music star, who was discovered by music veteran Doctor Eddie and also records at his Kiambu Road based studios, is being accused of sleeping with a video vixen.

Thomas Mugendi

He has also been accused of reneging on his promise to pay her for her video services.

The singer, called African Prince, real name Eric Thomas Mugendi, has just released his masterfully done music video for his hit song Milele to wide critical acclaim.

The song was actually partly-penned by Kenyan Bongo Flava sensation Otile Brown and has been causing quite a buzz on the Internet.

But there seems to be a little scandal behind the song’s runaway success – African Prince is being accused of not only failing to pay one of the music video vixens but also sleeping with her during the period of the shoot

 The girl in question goes by the name of Biancca Waynes (her performance name) and she claims that African Prince still owes her some unpaid monies for her work in the video.

Biancca Waynes

But the 19-year old handsome singer refutes the claims which he calls baseless and malicious.

“It’s funny that she is all over the place claiming she wasn’t paid. Guess what? I paid every girl who appeared in the video. All of the four girls. And I paid the main actress Ksh 10,000. And paid Biancca Ksh 6500. That’s way more than anyone has ever paid a video girl in this Country! Like almost ten times more! ” he says.

” This woman is nuts to go around spreading lies of such a cheap nature. I’m the most professional artist you’ll ever work with. And as for me sleeping with her, oh please, everyone who knows me knows how I roll. She’s the last person I would like to jeopardize my job by sleeping with ”

African Prince, who also is the reigning Mr. St. Paul’s University, and a sure babe magnet, dismisses the claims and laughs off her publicity stunts asking her to provide any tangible proof of her allegations.

Meanwhile, his smash hit Milele has been scaling up the charts steadily and has even won him guest spots on entertainment programs on TV with the last being an appearance on KBC, last Friday.