vanessa-mdee-and-jux-483x483Yo! When Mr. Steal Ya Girl’s in town, you’d better hog and tie the Mrs!


And none other than Juma Jux found out the hard way. Who is this bredren? Well, he is dating Vanessa Mdee and has been for a minute now BUT when Trey Songz touched down in Nairobi, she made it her business to become his shadow.

As a result, our paparazzi kept taking photos of the pair getting cosy. And one of them had even her own compatriots from TZ calling her out. But to be fair, in some of these photos she is looking at him like she’s stuck in the middle of the Sahara and he’s a bottle of water…



But then there was this photo… This is the photo that set tongues wagging:


And tongues were wagging. And after trying to miss the bullshit, she decided to address it:

Speaking to Bongo 5 Vanessa, made everything clear saying, “The video and pictures going around are misinterpreted, I worked for MTV and had met Trey before, we were cool then and are cool now.

“I respect him, Juma and all our fans.”

Well, she seems to believe the rumours were being spread by enemies of progress.

She continued: “Being a female artiste in Africa, people are always waiting for any opportunity to tarnish ones image, and disregard years of hardwork and success.


“Watch this space. I am about to give them more. Kazi tu.”