Kenyan dancehall artiste, Slawten Assasin, has sensationally accused famed singer, Redsan – real name Swabri Mohammed -, of “stealing” his song.

According to him, one of Redsan’s hit songs (probably his most successful so far) titled Badder Dan Most was his original composition, until he was taken for a fool and Swabri recorded it instead.

During an interview with the Star, Assasin said that he composed the song as his “hype” song during his shows but he was “utterly” shocked to realise that Redsan had allegedly “fooled” him after he released it without his knowledge.
Narrates the Red Republik-signed 26-year-old singer:
“I met Redsan at Florida 2000 Club in Nairobi’s CBD during one of the many jam sessions. So, some of his guys approached me and told me that they would link up with producers at Homeboyz to record the song. They asked me if I could sing that specific song I had used as the hype song to my performance. I did it. They had it on record with an impression that they were taking it to Homeboyz so that the producers could have its feel and propose the most suitable track for me. We exchanged contacts… And that was the last time I heard from them.”

Watch the video interview below:

However, after a few weeks, he received a call from one of the deejays at F2 asking him why he sold his song.

“He told me that I sold my hype song to Redsan and that he had released it. I got utterly shocked by the news,” he said.

It was then that he tried making contact with the artist who had allegedly changed his phone number.

After a few more attempts to reach out to him, he finally got through, albeit via a different number.

He says

“Redsan promised me that we, me and him, would record a remix for the song. He went under once more. The next thing that hit me smack in the face was a remix between him and Jamaican artiste Demarco. That’s when I realised that I had been completely fooled!”

However, Redsan laughed off Assasin’s allegations terming them as unfounded.

When asked about the allegations, he said;

“He must have been very high. Just tell him to give you the evidence. I don’t even know him. How can he say Badder Dan Most is his? Is he stupid?”