Veteran ragga and reggae musician Swabri Mohammed aka Redsan is undoubtedly one of Kenya’s most celebrated and loved artistes in the local music scene.

The Badder Than Most hitmaker has over the years wowed his fans with his catchy and dancea-ble music, and although he had gone on a music hiatus for a while, he came back with a bang with Shoulder Back about a year ago.

Recently, Redsan switched things up and collaborated with a female R&B singer Vivian, on a new song dubbed Attention a few weeks ago, and from what he has been teasing on his social media, we should expect more.

Away from music and the spotlight, not much is known about the heartthrob, only that he’s married with kids, and has never shown off his children or wife on his social media or been spotted with them in  public. Yes, he’s that private about his love life.


From what we know, Redsan is married to Viverz Mohammed, and the two exchanged vows back in 2012 at a very low key and secret wedding ceremony.

During an interview a while back; Redsan give this as the reason he keeps his other life off the pulblic radar;

I value my background, my family and my religion very much. When I’m home with my family, there’s nothing about Redsan. That is private and you will not hear or read about it on the Internet, no matter how much you try.

Though he rarely talks about his family or even flaunts them on social media platforms, this time he decided to give a glimpse of his son.

Redsan was celebrating Ramadhan and perhaps out of excitement, he showed off his son’s face for the first time ever, but later deleted the photo from his page.

But not before I took a screenshot of the cute looking boy, who appears to be about 4 years-old, as they played with filters. Well, check out Redsan and his never before seen picture of his son below. Isn’t he the cutest?