He’s one of the top Kenyan DJs. DJ Kim Nickdee, who is a resident DJ on Kiss TV, is popular for his smash hit mixes that play on matatus and clubs around the country.

The celebrated artiste will be touring various cities to hold down Kenyans living abroad.

This is not the first the spins master has done an international gig; this is nothing new to him.

Simply amazing! The reception during my past international gigs has been overwhelming. Fans and revelers always turn out in large numbers which is really humbling to me,”  he said.

Kym is the elder brother to DJ Moh, a popular reggae deejay.

Kenyans living abroad also get to experience that “at home feeling when they listen to local hits which also brings a sense of unity among them. Its also amazing seeing people from different cultures and environment enjoying and appreciating the vast genre of music there is today,” he added in my exclusive interview with him.

Kym is set to perform in Adelaide (8th Dec), Melbourne (9th Dec),  Perth (15 Dec) and Sydney (16th Dec).

He says that he has great plans for his fans: