Veteran gospel singer Reuben Kigame has come out to condemn Bahati after he unseated President Uhuru Kenyatta during the launch of the Jubilee Party at Kasarani Stadium.

In a Facebook post, Kigame strongly criticized Bahati for his actions which he termed as disrespectful and immature.

He also seemed to question whether Bahati was high being that he went as far as displacing the President to sing to the First Lady.


This is what he posted.

Last Saturday at Kasarani did not go well with me in the area of entertainment. I will not recount the details of the music performances, but someone certainly got carried away and displayed both IMMATURITY AND disrespect to the office of the president, the position of the First Lady and public etiquette in general. Even those who are high on something naturally keep off from certain things or are kept away to ensure limits.

The so-called “Gospel Musician”, Bahati, was the most embarrassing of them. To him I send the words of Proverbs 23:1-2: “When you sit to dine with a ruler, note well what is put before you, and put a “knife to your throat” if you are given to gluttony.” What did Bahati want to achieve by displacing the president during a song and trying to sing to the First Lady? Call it performance! Call it guts! Call it a bad upbringing! It was bad and wrong. And who is Bahati’s mentor? Who is his pastor or bishop, if he is a Gospel musician? Bahati, you need to learn etiquette and self-control whether you do “gospel music” or otherwise; and Gospel music includes self control.
While concluding, the veteran musician also faulted the President’s security detail for not being by his side when he needed it the most.As for the security detail of His Excellency!


Hmmmmmh! … just what if! … You failed badly. You must protect all our dignitaries well, and the fact that president Kenyatta loves the youth and people of Kenya in general enough to freely mix with them, his outgoing nature must not be abused and the presidency in and of itself must receive its share of protection. I was not amused!