We thank God For “Daddy and Mummy” as they are referred by their congregants. They have been an adorable couple since relocating from abroad and pastors with a difference.

From dressing to mansion , high class life and recently we heard that they are planning to acquire a private jet which means that nothing impossible with the Lord if you trust and serve him.

If you serve him faithfully you will eat the fruit there of. so, don’t feel uncomfortable when a servant of God is being blessed. Your time is truly coming you will reap in big way if you don’t faint.

They have been blessed also with three adorable children Vanessa who got married in December 2016, Second born daughter called Stephanie who has been in the lime light of scandals and the last born is Jeremy, Youngest in the family.

They are great parents to their children, grandparents to their grand child from Vanessa their first born married to South African.