These dehydrate wombats have no chills!

what the fuck lol

A father can no longer boast about having an attractive daughter in peace?! Now he has to fend of dehydrated hyenas looking for places to deposit their powdery seed.

The thirst these dehydrating wombats are exhibiting is alarming! They really need to chill and take a sip of some water. They have been plaguing none other than Bishop Allan Kiuna. He recently decided to show off the blessings the Lord has given him in form of a beautiful daughter. A double edged anointing if ever there was one.

Allan Kiuna has a very beautiful daughter indeed. He knows this and so do we. But when he decided to holla at the world to celebrate her, some wombat left it’s crawl space to start telling her how he (the wombat) would love to give her cassava!


This is how it all transpired:

alllan kiuna vs thirsty homie

On the reals though I can honestly say:

i9 don't want to live on this planet anymore LOL