Edinas Nyaida
Edinas Nyaida

Yesterday morning, we all woke up the sad news of a KU graduate who was murdered by her boyfriend in Kahawa Wendani. Exactly a week after her graduation.


Edina on her graduation a week ago
Edina on her graduation a week ago

Maxwell reportedly ended his girlfriend’s life after he couldn’t stomach news that she was leaving her; he stabbed her 30 times in the stomach.

He then tried to commit suicide by stabbing himself in the stomach but police arrived just in time to save him.

Maxwell, Edina Nyaida's lover.
Maxwell, Edna Nyaida’s lover.

Police had to force their way into the house as Maxwell wouldn’t open the door which was locked from inside. The deceased body was found soaked in a pool of blood while Maxwell was lying down reeling in pain from the self inflicted wound in his stomach.

However,word had it that Maxwell resorted to killing Edinas when she decided to end their relationship only after she graduated from Kenyatta University. Maxwell was said to be the one who had paid for Edinas’ university education.

But Edinas’ father, John Akello Nyainda, revealed Maxwell didn’t pay for his daughter’s education in campus.

Speaking to eDaily, Mr. Nyaida revealed his daughter was enrolled in Kenyatta University under regular programme.

He said the only money that was paid for Edina’s education in campus was her tuition fees which he and not Maxwell used to pay.

“When she was admitted in university under regular programme, I thought I was only going to pay tuition fee for the first semester. But I learnt I was supposed to pay university tuition fee for her study throughout the four years.” Mr. Nyaida told eDaily.

John Okello Nyaida grieving the death of her daughter.
John Okello Nyaida grieving the death of her daughter.