It’s an open secret that many Kenyans in relationships or marriage have cheated on their partners. Considering the fact that to most people infidelity is the main deal breaker, cheating lovers and spouses always do it with utmost secrecy and cover their tracks.

To get to the bottom of this matter, we hit the streets and did an unscientific study on cheating. Generally, most Kenyans agreed that cheating has a lot to do with the individuals rather than the crowd.

But other factors such as timing, availability, opportunity and circumstance greatly determine whether or not a partner is likely to stray.

Further, we discovered that there are jobs that easily offer a cocktail of all these factors, making it easy for people to cheat.

Business people

For instance, among most people we talked to, if your man or woman is a business person, you have every reason to worry. Reason Apparently, most people who do business tend to be great risk takers.

As one Njogu, a resident of Nairobi says: “People with the courage to take risks are likely to try relationship or marriage-risking behaviour like cheating. They easily succumb to temptations, especially if they happen to be randy in nature.”

He goes on to add that people who take risks and happen to be successful can see cheating as an opportunity to take a risk like sampling or exploring the potential of other lovers.

Again, in this kind of job, Njogu argues, there is a lot of travelling and as we all know, that is a big factor in cheating.

“People who travel regularly, are likely to consider cheating on their partners,” added Njogu. However, it’s hard to tell whether it’s the cheaters who are drawn to business-related jobs or the business -elated activities that encourage people to cheat.

Ken says most cheaters are very keen on the time their partners come or leave home. He says spouses of broadcasters (TV and radio) are the least likely to be caught cheating.

“To most cheaters, timing is of the essence. You can imagine that the spouse of a TV newscaster or radio presenter knows too well when their partner is on air and when they leave. It is at such times they can cheat safely without worrying about getting caught. Chances of busting such a character are nil,” says Ken.

Truck drivers

Mutwiri, a truck driver from Meru, reveals that indeed long distance track drivers, because of the nature of their job, easily cheat on their partners.

“I travel up to Uganda, at least twice a week. I have seen my fellow drivers cheat along the way, especially at smaller towns where they make stops for resting. It is impossible for their partners to find out. But then again, they are just not sure what their partners do, seeings as they remain by themselves for so long. Chances are they, too, easily cheat,” says Mutwiri.

If your wife or husband works in the service industry, say a policeman, nurse, or even a journalist, be very worried and careful. Such types can easily come up with fake calls of duty, duping their partners into excusing from home at unlikely hours for unspecified periods of time.

“My girlfriend is a nurse, and she seldom sleeps at home. When she has a night shift, an old flame visits and leaves very early in the morning, before my girlfriend comes back at around 9am, the time I leave for work,” said Muthomi, a hotel manager in Meru town.


Another group whose spouses are likely to cheat are politicians. Stacy has a male friend who is currently involved with a politician’s wife.

“When a politician is busy at a function, what stops their adulterous partners from cheating on them Especially when the function is being aired live on TV,” says Stacy.

House wives

So politicians who are seldom home, and who spend countless nights travelling should be very afraid. That most have many wives whom they hardly satisfy doesn’t make the matter any better. Watchmen, newspaper and milk vendors, are probably living like kings in politicians’ palatial homes.

If you have a bartender for a husband, but especially for a wife, be double cautious. It goes without saying that a female bar tender is vulnerable to a variety of risky circumstances. Kenyan men are known for their love of the bottle, and women who hover around as they drink.

Working in a bar at night, with the inebriated men flashing large wads of legal tender, can bring intoxicating ideas into your mind. That is perhaps why men who fall in love with bar maids, propose but with a precondition; that they must first resign.

Stay-at-home mothers, apart from ensuring their households are run smoothly while their hubbies are away at work, children are at school, and the baby is nestling peacefully in the cot, spend boring hours poring over magazines or watching Afrosinema. Woe unto you if one of those chatty and smooth-talking neighbours comes calling to check on their well-being.