Ivan ‘The Don’ Semwanga lived his life to the fullest. Beside him was his Rich Gang crew.

After he was laid to rest, his crew now wants to celebrate his life by throwing a super ostentatious bash.

The last bash that Ivan attended was in Uganda, Blankets And Wine. He had jetted into Uganda to settle raging rumours of his financial status.

According to Big Eye UG, “It all started when a Newspaper advert ran showing that Ivan Semwanga’s house was up for sale. Then, an egoistic, charming and ever lively Ivan Semwanga flew to Uganda from South Africa in a bid to calm the rumours. To friends, Semwanga had started to get premonitions of his death. He was thus on a mission to get back and reconquer Kampala.

He hired a yellow state chopper under the watchful guard of the Uganda police on the 24th of April 2017. He was arm in arm with his bosom buddy, King Lawrance. On 30th April, he attended the Blankets and Wine. Unlike at other events where he would always be more imposing, life was already going out of the Don.

This time round, he settled for a Pepsi One litre and a glass of Wavah water. To onlookers, this was unusual of Don. Denis Mukwaya aka Muks narrates; “I have always attended every party where the Don is, and his drink is usually Champagne, a Carbernet Sauvignon and cash being splashed all around. He always loved to make his presence felt. This time, he seemed to be in farewell mode. I even saw him leaving earlier, forcing a smile here and there.”

The following Friday, he tried to live up to the usual money splashing antics which had come to define him as the Rich Gang brand. Thereafter, he flew back to South Africa on a journey that would never see him return whole, alive and well, but dead and gone to the Angels.”

Now, King Lawrence has announced that there is a bash just to celebrate the Don. It is not clear if Zari Hassan – his widow – is invited for the shindig after all they butted heads quite a bit when Ivan was in hospital and also during the burial.

Have they buried the hatchet?

Time will tell.

Anyhow, King Lawrence wrote, “Mark the date. Tonight as we remember our one and only Don. Rip Ivan.”

Ivan the Don

Fans reacted. See their comments below.

Mariam Lsmail wrote, “Banange u shouldn’t remember him through clubbing n buying expensive wine. Build a church in his names. He will always be remembered.Isaaq Kiyingi Musalaf Young money africa is in line too bless brothers and friends from rich gang.”

Ahmed Kaye: Every one has is own way of mourning so rip ivan wen I get money I will also use it the way I want

Janat Smith Kawesa: Rip. Ivan. The friend of all young, youth n old.

Patty Ncube: I didn’t know in life there such good heart man Like ivan .i didn’t know about him .until I follow his funeral I see communite cry …………May his soul rest peace.u will be remembered each day.

Kabunga Geofriezd’hulk: We shall always remember him. may his soul be generously judged.

Victoria Vickie: We shall wait for the December version in memory of him…RIP ivan

Ivan DonIvan died at the ripe age of 39. He always kept true to his mantra of living life to the fullest, every year he always hosted a birthday bash come December 12. This year, we will wait and see if the rich Gang will honour him by throwing one for him.

Here is a tribute video by King Lawrence.

He writes, “Life will never be the same without you #RipIvan.”