Photos of a wounded former South Sudan president Riek Machar being airlifted have emerged. Machar was apparently airlifted by UN Mission in South Sudan soldiers to Khartoum for treatment

Former South Sudan first Vice President Riek Machar is said to be receiving treatment in a hospital in Sudan after he was wounded by soldiers allied to President Salva Kiir.

Machar fled the capital, Juba, after he fell out with Kiir, for yet another time, and forces loyal to him engaged in a fierce fight with those of Kiir.


UN peacekeepers in South Sudan assisted in the airlifting of Riek Machar. Photo: Red Pepper

Reports indicated that Machar had been killed in the forest where he was hiding, but it later emerged that he had fled to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to seek refuge.

It also emerged that Machar had been injured in the crossfire and needed urgent medical attention.

Now the first photos of an injured Machar have emerged.


Riek Machar in hospital.

The photos were first shared by Ugandan website Red Pepper and they show a wounded Machar being assisted by soldiers allied to the UN mission in South Sudan.

Machar is airlifted by a military helicopter to Sudan where he is said to be admitted in a hospital.

The photos also show Machar’s wife with the soldiers.

Machar had dismissed the extent of the injury as being serious, but the admission proves he may have suffered serious injuries.


0fgjhs465o3damjlu.647ab0acRiek Machar is seemingly wounded.

South Sudan became an independent state five years ago but has been riddled with civil unrest which has seen many people killed and many others fleeing the youngest nation in the world.

Kiir has since replaced Machar with another vice president