Two-time Olympic 800 meters champion David Rudisha’s poor run of form, especially in the Diamond League in Shanghai (May 13) and Stockholm (June 16) has led to many tongues wagging.

The once invincible King David may be dealing with challenges at home and this could explain poor performance.

It is said that all is not well at home. Our sources reveal that there could be a disagreement in the family, following a visit by Rudisha’s wife Liz Naanyu to Nigeria for prayers. She had reportedly visited the West African country to seek blessings from a controversial preacher. This was not received well by Rudisha who opted to leave his matrimonial home in Eldoret.

When The Nairobian contacted Naanyu to clarify whether her trip to Nigeria was the cause of a family disagreement, she was non-committal and accused the writer of meddling in her private life.

“Why do you always want to publish negative stories about our family? This is a private matter. Are you plotting David’s downfall?” she asked angrily.

“Hata nikienda wapi, mniache tafadhali (It doesn’t matter where I go, please leave me alone),” she said before hanging up the phone.