Rufftone is an artist who rose to popularity after he produced a peace song that that featured the GSU titled Mungu Baba.

During an interview with the Star’s Word Is, Rufftone revealed how tough the marriage journey is.

“You learn everyday  that you are supposed to be there. As a young man I just thought about my fans  but when you get married the book of God tells me, God first, family second and the rest follows.


So actualizing that hierarchy requires a lot of patience. Some of the lessons that I have learnt is that your wife is always  right and when she wrong she is right. Another thing is, kids grow first and they remind you that you are aging fast,” Rufftone added.

The singer continued, “Marriage and love is like mint bubble gum as you start to chew, it is bitter but as you continue it becomes better as long as you found someone compatible you can move and you can’t do marriage without God.”