Homeboys Radio journalist Natani Nyaga was missing for three days before his workmates and family found out that he was a victim of a hit and run.

Mwalimu Rachel is shaken by the death of Natani. She posted a tribute article in her website.


“Dear Diary.

Monday will be the toughest show for me on radio. And I imagine for many other presenters of Homeboyz Radio. We have lost a friend, a colleague, and an amazing soul. Natani Nyaga.
He was such a handsome lad. With the sweetest smile. He laughed with his heart and was just a friendly guy.”

Mwalimu wrote, “We had a thing going with the guys where we would “jaza ngata” yaani send him for biscuits every other afternoon for that 4 O’clock tea. He took up that role and would do it gladly. Just the other day he introduced us to new cakes the vendor downstairs had started selling. Haha! Natani. Bless his soul!”

“I got to first find out about Natani’s disappearance on Saturday 12th on the HBR whatsapp group. It seemed like a bad joke, then a bad dream. We immediately put word out on social media with the hashtag #FindNatani. It was later in the night that we received the shocking news. The unconfirmed report we have is that he was hit by a matatu in Kariobangi on the 11th, Thursday night. We still have got many questions surrounding the night of his disappearance and in time we pray the truth comes out. I can’t remember the last time I cried this hard trying to make sense of reality.”

Mwalimu concluded, “The office won’t be the same without you Natani. Sleep well. Tell the man upstairs we really don’t understand why, but let His will be done.”