A woman who claims she has a business and romantic ‘relationship’ with gospel singer Sarah Nanaa says she is very hurt by news of the star proposing to her fiancé on Good Friday.

“That engagement comes as a surprise,” Blondie, also known as Suzie Major, said.

She continued to say;

“It’s a fraud to me and my business. I saw the proposal thing online and yes, I know it happened. But, again I was not told about it and my issue is we have a business together. We have invested and we were more than business partners. Why was I not told beforehand?”

Blondie added: “I don’t know that fiancé, by the way. I’m shocked she even had a boyfriend.”

Asked if she has a thing for Nanaa, Blondie retorted:

“She does, too! I have always been ‘close’ to her, personally and business-wise. I knew her in 2012, she was once engaged, right when she found her fiancé was cheating on her, she bailed. Then we got closer, more and more. More than close, then I moved to China, we set up a business together. I source stuff from here and send back home. She handles it when they get there. Been here for a year and a half. I’ve been investing, not knowing she’s got some boyfriend back there. I mean that is betrayal 101!”

The couple were set to launch their boutique and lounge next month, but those plans have been thrown into disarray after the star proposed to her ‘mystery’ boyfriend.

Blondie adds that Nanaa has blocked her on WhatsApp and they cannot talk about their issues.

“She should have been real. It comes as a shock to me. I don’t know anything about her having a boyfriend or a fiancé for that matter, and I’m pissed! This will definitely be a big deal for that business, too, because it’s done. I have invested a lot.”

Here are their photos together;