A member of the boy-band, Sauti Sol has bitterly insulted a fan who trolled him on social media. Delvin Mudigi Savara did not spare the fan, hence, came down hard on him for insinuating that he was lucky to be photographed with American Hip-hop big wig, Jay Z .


Sauti Sol’s Savara has cut down a fan to size after insinuating that the Kenyan Afro-pop star was American rapper, Jayzee’s groupie.

Savara was angered by a fans comment regarding him an Jay Z

The fan whose twitter handle is @brianclkd captioned a 2015 photo of Mudigi Savara and Jay Z taken during Global Citizen Festival in New York saying:

“In 2015, a member of Sauti Sol went and stood next to Jay Z then a friend took a photo quickly.”

0fgjhs5hjnrm70uet-9ccb3990Savara gets some love from a Tanzanian fan during Sauti Sol’s performance in Dar

Savara slapped the fan in the face with the response: “You take time to hate on success. I see your ambition is as small as your d**k. All the best in life,”

A groupie is a person especially a young woman, who follows a celebrity religiously hoping to meet or know them.