The rich songstress faced public backlash after she took a swipe at women using pregnancy emergency pill P2.

Akothee took to her Facebook account to reveal how her baby daddies would be financing her kids’ holiday on Valentine’s Day.

The ‘Benefactor’ singer however ruffled women’s feather when she said that they (women) should wait to take P2 while her kids were enjoying themselves.

“They pay hotel accommodation and food, for their children’s valentine wee, I provide driver and fuel, lakini pesa ya gari wamenilipisha sh 12000 times six days. Wewe ngoja P2 hapo…” Akothee posted.

Her post evoked angry comments from women who mostly thought the mother of five was openly mocking them for using the pregnancy emergency pill whereas they still remained poor.

Akothee however had no apology to make for her post, she brushed off her critics telling them to hit the unlike button if they felt offended by her posts.

“If you don’t understand simple jokes? , why stress yourself on people’s posts ? UNLIKE BUTTON will save you the pain , as for me , I will crack jokes , anytime, any day ,till the day I will stop breathing , put on some shock absorbers , because am not promising to change for you , you will have to adjust ,as long as I don’t know you personally, then none of my posts should relate to your status ! where your madness ends ,is the beginning of my permanent head damage , life is short let’s have some fun.”