– Rapper Prezzo has shared his HIV-test results on his social media in a bid to quell rumors peddled about his health

– The rapper has in times past, documented his escapades and praised his love for women which led to questions on why he seemed to be growing thinner by the day

Kenyan rapper, Prezzo has  walked the talk and taken a HIV test to quell rumors stemming from what has been termed, aso a promiscuous lifestyle.

The rapper has in times past been in and out of a series of relationships. He recently broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Michelle Yola. A petite pretty face who has since deleted all of his photos from her social media account.PREZZO-TUX-500x250

A week ago, Kenyan bisexual rapper shared racy photos and  videos of her spirited escapade with Prezzo.

As the  female rapper shared evidence of her debauchery on social media,  rumors abounded that Prezzo had been chasing her all over in town, with the intent of hopping in bed with her- which he did.

With questions on his private life, Prezzo was in a conundrum to prove to his doubters that he was not HIV positive contrary to rumors peddled by his ‘enemies’.

The rumors had started after his much documented sex life was linked to his skinnier-by-the-day frame. In recent years, a former buffed up Prezzo seemed to have lost weight, a common myth that people associate with  HIV and Aids infection.

The rapper has set the record straight today, Wednesday, March 16. On his Instagram account, the rapper shared his HIV test results which shows that he is healthy as healthy is.0fgjhs16hbdbl6dl5o.259303be

Rapper Prezzo shares his HIV results to quell rumors peddled about his health in recent rumors