Willy Paul is back with a bang. This time round Pozze seems to be smiling all the way to the bank. To prove that he is making money even after he was snubbed by gospel’s biggest awards, Groove Awards, for two consecutive years,  the lad flashed bundles of notes on live TV.

He is the new Akothee in town, the big money spender after he shocked many by  wiping off sweat from his face using Ksh1000 notes on national TV.

In an Interview with Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi, Willy Paul showed that he is worth millions after he made it rain in the studio by giving away money to the audience.

“Kuna joto, sina kitambaa lakini naezajipanguza na ile kitu niko nayo,” He said.

The Sitolia star continued to asked who had sweat that he would wipe their skin with his money.

Basically Willy Paul is saying he is alergic to poverty.

As you let that sink in. Listen to this testimony by P Square.


“Watu hapa mmesweat kweli, mnataka kupanguza jasho? Nani amesweat?

He went on to remove another bunch of money as he threw it to the fans.

Check out the video courtesy of Citizen TV;