If you’re a Selenator, you probably know that the actress and singer has been struggling with Lupus. In a recent interview with Today, the “Bad Liar” star talked about her pre-surgery experience, noting that she “kind of ignored” her Lupus side effects. She kept working on new music, touring and launching new projects despite her health deteriorating.

“I would get fevers, headaches. I would get fatigue. But I always just kept going,” she revealed.

Selena was accompanied by her friend Francia Raisa, the kindney donor. The former Disney actress said that it wasn’t an easy journey for her, but she trusted God with her life.

“What I believe is that it does happen for a reason. I think a huge part of my discernment and my honesty and my truth has been because I’ve had a relationship with God,” she said.

Raisa, having been asked how she found the courage to donate a Kidney to Selena, had something to say.

The only answer I have is God, honestly,” she revealed. “If I didn’t have my relationship with God, I don’t think I would have been able to.”