Who said pastors or rather saved people can’t listen to secular music? Well, self-proclaimed prophet Victor Kanyari says that its not a sin. He claims that listening to secular music e.g Bruk Me Off by Konshens is just the same as listening to Willy Paul’s new hit Fanya and that there’s no different. Hmmm… Really pastor?


In short, Kanyari means that the Christian teachings are somehow strict and our religious leaders just don’t want us to enjoy the secular music but stick to gospel music. The controversial pastor of Salvation Healing Ministries has been on the low key and it seems he is focused on spreading the word despite the criticism by Kenyans after his expose. He is also gearing up for politics and come next year, he is contesting for the Embakasi East parliamentary seat on a Jubilee party which has attracted many including controversial student leader Paul Ongili popularly known as Babu Owino.

Well, in the interview conducted by popular Kiss FM presenter and comedian Chipukeezy, Kanyari opened up about his life as a pastor and addressed ‘haters’ who think that religious leaders and saved Christians should not listen to secular music

“…Mnataka niishi msituni? lLazima niskize ngoma zote!…,” said Kanyari who feels that music is just the same and people should not restrict themselves from listening to any type of music.

Here is the full video, watch it