It has been said that men and women are from two different worlds. These two species are ever walking parallel to each other. Their likes and dislikes are so far apart like the Mars is to Venus. Amazingly though, they always strike a consensus where it matters.


A woman may be bothered by her looks more than how she would be bothered, for example, by let’s say food. She will eat all the junk food around and not really care about getting fat, which would eventually make her fetching figure disappear into the tyres!

However, our ladies are so concerned and bothered with how some of their other body parts look or appear. Hair. This is something majority of women don’t mess with. They can sacrifice an arm and a leg to have the latest hair style.

Boobs. Women are definitely concerned about the appearance of their boobs. This is why they go to every length to make sure the twins are held up in good shape.

And of course, the ASS!!! You’d rather insult a woman with just about anything else but her booty! They value their derrieres.

Now, bootylicious Kenyan actress, Katherine Kamau better known as Celina from the popular Citizen TV drama series Mother-In-Law, is really concerned about how drastically her buttocks continues to grow!

Celina, who is set to walk down the aisle with her fiancé Philip Karanja, took to social media to lament that her booty has become too big and that she is getting bothered that it is putting her peace and tranquillity at stake.

I tell you the things that women worry about!! When did a big booty became a bad thing? Seems like I missed the memo.

Celina, however, says that she must hit the gym to get her butt to a manageable size. I think she should consult Vera Sidika or Faith Njuguna the Miss Bum Bum!!!

See a screenshot from her Snapchat page below…