Kwani anatafuta dem? After a series of scandalous relationship break ups, Timmy Tdat has gone ahead to do what socialites are best known for, posting nude photos.

Timmy is one of the most recognized rappers that is celebrated over his catchy punch lines and enjoys a massive following especially from female fans. The Usinikazie hit maker has however gotten himself into controversies over his love life and it seems after being dumped by ex Kush Tracy, the lad has discovered another way of attracting the lasses.

Timmy has in the past tasted the wrath of fans after his nasty break up with fellow rapper Kush Tracey. The two broke up over what was termed as unreconcilable differences. Kush would later disclose that the Haitosi hit maker was not too good in bed. Lets not talk about his transformer!


The lad is now rumoured to be showering another singer, Dela, with love after photos that suggested the two were more than friends went viral. She is not alone, Vivian who was rumoured to be seeing Timmy would later blasted him saying he was not her type.

Timmy has however shocked many with his photo in a bath tab which evidently the lad posed for naked, so is he calling for attention? Or is it a publicity stunt?